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Avoid these Foods While on Your Period - pure•yeva

Avoid these Foods While on Your Period

Having food cravings during your period is normal. But there are certain types of foods that you eat that could make all the unpleasant symptoms you experience during your period worse. Here are five of these types of foods:

Caffeinated Foods & Beverages 

For many women, caffeine is a staple in their diets. It is a superb go-to when you need that morning humph to get your day started productively. However, the usual side effects of caffeine when the “rush” has worn off can prove unpleasant, especially during your period. Too much caffeine can make you jittery and restless. When you are on your period you are often on edge and caffeine only makes it worse. You may find that you do not get the usual bout of sleepiness often experienced during your period which allows you to forget the pain of your cramps for at least a couple of hours. 

Salty/Processed Foods

Feeling bloated is always uncomfortable, and when you are on your period it can feel a hundred times worse. Salt causes the body to retain water, which can make you appear bloated. Processed foods are usually packed with salt/sodium and when you eat these kinds of food, you are just increasing how bloated you feel which makes your menstrual experience even more uncomfortable. Instead of having your usual processed snack, you should instead eat foods like fruits and vegetables. 

Food High in Fat

Foods high in saturated fat contain a substance called arachidonic acid which produces prostaglandins that cause contraction in the uterus and make cramps worse. Fatty foods also contribute to bloating and breakouts which are already problematic during your period. Ditch your regular high-fat dinner for something leaner like fish or chicken breasts with lots of vegetables.

Sugary Foods

It is tempting to reach for something sweet during your period because of the fluctuation in blood sugar levels you experience while on your period. This fluctuation often causes mood swings which are usually already present during menstruation. Instead of having something sweet like cake or a muffin for dessert, have something healthier like an orange or a vegetable salad. Besides, sweets sometimes contribute to acne problems and can make breakouts worse during your period, if you are prone to them. 

Eating sweet foods will at first spike your energy level, but on the flip side of that, you will crash and feel even more lethargic than you felt before you had the sweet. It is better to keep sweets to a minimum and maintain a healthy diet to reduce the amount of discomfort felt during your menses. 

Dairy Foods

A cup of warm milk during your period may sound soothing, but dairy products contain the same arachidonic acid that is in fatty foods. Furthermore, persons who suffer from lactose intolerance may want to leave dairy foods at the supermarket because they can lead to bloating and diarrhea, again issues many women already face when they are having their periods. To avoid making these conditions worse, it is best to avoid dairy products.

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