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6 Causes That Are Thinning Your Hair - pure•yeva

6 Causes That Are Thinning Your Hair

All around the world in every country, continent, and culture men do battle with balding.

And yet thinning hair isn’t just restricted to men. In fact, almost 50% of women are affected by noticeably thinning hair

Guys, girls – whatever your gender, there are six common factors that may be pushing your hair over the edge right now…

Physical & emotional stress

You’ve probably heard of alopecia (or alopecia areata, as it’s known in the medical realm).

What you probably haven’t come across is a condition called Telogen Effluvium – which is where hair stops growing, leading to hair coming out by the handful.

Although not well understood, both conditions are thought to be linked to stress – be it physical or emotional.

While we don’t want to heap on any more bad news, Telogen Effluvium can also be brought about by a host of other events too – including crash dieting, anemia, hypothyroidism, severe infections, long-term illnesses and (the focus of our next pointer) thyroid conditions.

Thyroid condition

When the thyroid system is shocked and shaken by an unbalance, it leaves the body either low (hypothyroid) or high (hyperthyroid) – either one of which will affect your hair by bringing about Telogen Effluvium.

Hormonal imbalances

Testosterone is widely thought of as the male hormone, however, trace elements of this hormone are also found in women – and it is a derivative of this hormone - dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – that has now been linked to the killing of healthy follicles in both men and women alike.

Adding to the complexity of this, at least for women, is the fact that dips in estrogen lead to the hair entering its so-called ‘resting phase’ – during which hair growth stalls and hair sheds.

Use of certain products

Hair thinning is a very real concern for both men and women – and unfortunately, there is an endless number of snake oil salesmen who seek to capitalize upon this with hair products, pills, and supplements that aren’t fit for sale.

On the flip side, consumers can also choose the wrong products from the right shelves in their local cosmetics store or supermarket. A prime example being moisturizing shampoos and conditioners when what you really need is protein. In this instance, a product that should be doing your hair good, can actually damage and dry your hair further (in which case you may want to read our blog: Does Your Hair Need More Protein or Moisture?).

Deficiencies in important vitamins and minerals

Your hair is hungry for vitamins and minerals. Without a concerted effort to feed it the right stuff, you may quickly find that it loses its shine and, eventually, its fullness.

Here’s what you need to work into your weekly recipes in terms of vitamins and minerals:

  •     Minerals: copper, iron, silicon, and zinc.
  •       Vitamins: A, B (particularly biotin), C, D, and E.
 Too much styling and hair treatments

Hair straighteners can heat up to a scorching 230 degrees °C – and when used daily can rapidly damage your hair. But hair straighteners are far from the only culprit in your cosmetics cabinet, as the modern-day hair dryer packs a damaging punch of up to 2,000 watts of energy.

Add to this regular dying, bleaching, perming, and a daily mist of hair spray and hair can quickly succumb to what is a daily assault on not just your hairs’ luster – but its very existence.

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