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5 Ways to Practice Self Love to Boost Confidence - pure•yeva

5 Ways to Practice Self Love to Boost Confidence

Self love means different things to each of us, but what it ultimately should achieve is a heightened sense of ‘worth’ and confidence. Self love is for everyone and is something that we should all make time for. Not just an occasional spa day, or a weekly aromatherapy treatment, self love can and should be woven into your everyday lifestyle. Small acts of love towards ourselves can make all the difference, and will have a huge impact on your self esteem.

Ready to show yourself a bit of love? Read on to discover five ways to practice self love…

Spend Time in Nature

    Fresh air, space, and vitamin D - it’s all good stuff, and stuff that our souls crave, yet on average we spend 95% of our time indoors. Spending time in nature allows you to reconnect with yourself and to reset. We all need a change of scenery too, so if you’re prone to sitting at your desk all day, or going from desk to sofa, look at ways in which you can spend a little time outdoors every day.

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    To begin with, it may feel like a chore, but once you start to feel the benefit, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. Where possible, walk to your destination, workout outside instead of in the gym, take a walk instead of watching TV, and spend your weekends hiking, or on the beach, instead of in shopping malls and cinemas.

    Reduce Toxic Thoughts

      This is a big one, and something we could all work on. Have you ever found yourself thinking, or even saying negative things about yourself? When you pause for a moment, you’ll realize that you’d never say any of the things you say to yourself to your loved ones, and so you shouldn’t be saying these things to yourself either. Become more mindful of the negative thoughts you have about yourself, and when they arise, check in for a moment and correct yourself. It’s difficult to change a habit of a lifetime, but these toxic thoughts can be incredibly damaging to your confidence, and 99% of the time are untrue.

      Practice Yoga & Meditation

        Yoga and meditation are wonderful tools for calming a busy mind. Our 21st century lifestyles means that all of us are guilty of putting too much pressure on ourselves, and our minds can often be on overdrive going over lots of different things at once. Both yoga and meditation focus the mind, calms the breath and reconnects mind and body. Consider getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning, and starting your day with a gentle flow and slow breathing exercises.

        Nourish your Skin & Hair

          One of the most simple yet effective ways to practice self love daily is to invest time into your skin and hair. Not only does this simple act help us gain greater self worth, it also ensures you feel your best each day. In addition, taking five minutes out to care for your skin and hair forces you to pause and do something just for yourself. In choosing products that naturally nourish the skin, those that use essential oils also have the added benefit of aromatherapy. 

          Consider introducing just a couple of simple yet effective products into your daily routine. We love our nurture collection to boost skin health.

          Prioritize Rest & Having Fun

            Self love isn’t just about taking calm moments, it’s also about enjoying yourself, living for the moment and spending your spare time doing what you love. On the flip side, sleep and rest is also essential to our well being and should always be made a priority.

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            Many of us are guilty of staying up late and watching screens. Consider setting an earlier bedtime, and spend time reading before bed instead. Where possible, book something once a week that you know will bring you joy. Whether that’s seeing friends, rock climbing, curling up with your dog and watching a movie, or trying that new restaurant in town, make time for fun, and reward yourself for working hard. 


            With a little effort and forward planning, we can all incorporate more acts of self love into our lives. It’s so worth it, and nobody should feel guilty for loving themselves and making themselves a priority.

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