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Shhh! Hollywood’s Best-Kept Beauty Secret is Here - pure•yeva

Shhh! Hollywood’s Best-Kept Beauty Secret is Here

So you’re wondering whether we’re going to spill the beans on the latest surgical procedure anybody who’s anybody is having, right? Or whether we might talk about some Medieval sounding skincare procedure? Well, actually, we’re going to tell you about the Noni Fruit – a fruit that’s formed the foundation of many a star’s beauty regimes since the days of the silver screen. Here we tell you all about why this natural wonder should make it onto your beauty shelf.


What’s a Noni when it’s at home?

 The Noni Fruit is native to Polynesia, Southeast Asia, and Australasia, but is cultivated in the Dominican Republic – where it enjoys ideal growing conditions. You may not have heard of it, but this fruit features everything from capsules and tablets to creams and teas. And it’s got a long list of other names, too, including the Great Morinda, Indian Mulberry, Nunaakai (India), Dog Dumpling (Barbados), Mengkudu (Indonesia and Malaysia), Apatot (Philippines), Kumudu (Bali), Pace (Java), Beach Mulberry and Cheese Fruit (Australia).


In French Polynesia and Tahiti, Nani juice has been held in high esteem for decades, with locals creating their own (a process that involves four months of fermentation, leading to a black juice jam-packed with goodness and probiotics).


Five fabulous beauty benefits of the Noni


The Noni Fruit is amazing for skin and hair 

 The properties of the Noni fruit are wonderfully soothing for the skin – making it capable of overcoming skin and scalp conditions, and reinvigorating the skin so it appears fresher and younger. Noni is also full of nutrients (which we list in a moment), making it great for transforming your hair into lustrous locks.


The Noni is naturally high in antioxidants 

 For your skin, this means that any creams that feature Noni amongst the ingredients are natural detoxifies – purifying your skin from nasty chemicals. 


The Noni fruit loves your immune system

 Because the Noni fruit helps your body create more lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) and features antibacterial agents, the Noni is a natural helper to the immune system – aiding it in fighting off bacteria.


The Noni aids in healthy cellular repair 

 Because the Noni fruit has colorless alkaloids and xeronine within it, this fruit can assist in the maintenance of healthy skin and the regeneration of cells.


A little Noni can improve digestive health

 Noni’s provide nutrients by the bucket load, with their ingredient list including vitamin A, protein, calcium, and iron. Not only are all of these nutrients great for the body generally, but they’re also essential to the healthy functioning of the digestive system. 


Want to look younger? Then you need the Noni Fruit in your life

Because the Noni is stuffed full of Vitamin C and selenium, it preserves the elasticity of the skin (a key component of younger-looking and feeling skin).


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