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Cleansing Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making - pure•yeva

Cleansing Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

Word is, if you get your cleansing game spot on, the rest of your routine will fall smoothly into place. On the other hand, screw it up and you could be looking at all kinds of wrongs. Not sure if you’re making some fatal blunders when cleansing your skin? Then keep scrolling for five important mistakes to avoid.

Cleansing is often thought of as a basic skincare need at best. Sure, your skin needs to be kept clean to whisk away potential pore-clogging nasties such as oil, serum, makeup and sweat. And yes, you’re well aware that your serums and moisturizers would be nothing without the foundation of freshly cleansed skin. But other than making sure you cleanse regularly, is there much more to it? 

Actually yes, there are some very important cleansing mistakes to avoid if you care about looking after your skin.  

Herein, are five of the most common errors to nip in the bud.  


Mistake #1: Washing With Scorching Hot Water 

Hot water has no place in your cleansing routine. And here’s why. Piping hot water compromises your skin’s important barrier function – the uppermost layer of your skin that helps keep moisture in, and toxins and pollution out.  

If your barrier function doesn’t work optimally, your skin lacks proper protection which can result in irritation and redness. Not ideal. It can also become dry and dehydrated thanks to hot water stripping it of essential oils. And if you have oily skin? Well, hot water will just make it even more oily.  

A much better move? Always cleanse your skin with lukewarm water. Not too hot, not too cold. 


Mistake #2: Cleansing With Dirty Hands

This may seem obvious but it’s amazing how many people forget to wash their hands before their face. But think about where those hands have recently been… your smartphone, your dog, the local supermarket, your car, the works.  

Bacteria is everywhere people and the last place you want to transfer it to is your precious face. 

You have been warned. 


Mistake #3: Using A Communal Towel 

Speaking of bacteria, ever wondered what’s lurking on that family hand towel that’s been hanging around in the bathroom for several days? More bacteria than you really want to spread on your clean, freshly washed face, that’s for sure. 

 Treat yourself to a cotton face towel for you and you alone – and ensure you wash it every day to avoid bacteria from breeding. You could even air dry your face if you prefer (and have the time, of course!). Air drying is great for sensitive skin, plus it stops you from over-drying your face, encouraging you to apply your serum or moisturizer to damp skin to help lock in extra moisture.  


Mistake #4: Relying On Facial Wipes  

We know cleansing facial wipes are convenient in a pinch but, frankly, they’re pretty cruddy. For one thing, they’re terrible for the environment as many of them contain plastic and other non-biodegradable nasties that wreak havoc on our sewer systems and seriously pollute our oceans. 

And then there’s the important point that they don’t really work that well – often just moving dirt, oil and debris around the surface of your skin rather than actually removing them! Wipes can also be extremely harsh on your skin thanks to drying chemicals and strong fragrances that strip your skin of essential oils and alter its pH balance. 

Convenient they might be. Effective? Not so much. 


Mistake #5: Exfoliating Every Day 

If you use your cleansing routine as a way of exfoliating your skin every day you might want to rethink that habit. Exfoliation is fantastic for boosting cellular turnover, stimulating blood flow and encouraging collagen production but too much can strip oils from your skin and lead to inflammation, irritation and even accelerate the formation of lines and wrinkles. 

Things like cleansing brushes, scrubs and facial mitts should only be used once or twice a week, depending on your skin type. 


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