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Beauty Sleep – It’s Real & Your Skin 100% Needs It - pure•yeva

Beauty Sleep – It’s Real & Your Skin 100% Needs It

Old wives’ tales are a dime a dozen in the beauty and skincare world. But one that absolutely lives up to its name? Beauty sleep.


As skincare goes, the benefits of sleep outweigh almost everything else. In fact, along with sun protection, it’s up there as the most important thing you can do to successfully care for the look, feel, and health of your skin.

Now, we know this is a bold statement – especially for a company that’s in the business of selling skincare. But we’re nothing if not honest. Plus, we really do care about your complexion and want you to enjoy your best skin for as long as possible.


So, exactly how does sleep benefit your skin and how can you ensure you get your regular fill of quality zzzs to stop your skin from aging up way before its time? Here’s what we know…


The Benefits Of Beauty Sleep


First things first, why do you need sleep in the first place? Because, well, life. Without regular sleep, your entire body would cease to function properly. Sleep powers your brain helps your body fight disease and energizes every single one of your bodily functions. And, of course, it affects your appearance in a major way.


How Sleep Affects Your Skin


Sleep is a time for rest and recuperation. But not where your skin is concerned. Quite the opposite. As your brain and body go into rest mode, your skin gets super busy, kicking off an entire healing and rejuvenation process. Blood flow increases to help oxygenate and nourish your skin with essential nutrients. Collagen production goes into overdrive to boost cell turnover and encourage dead skin cells to slough away. And your skin’s natural antioxidant system kicks in to help neutralize the effects of skin-damaging free radicals that may have formed during the day’s inevitable exposure to things like the sun and environmental pollution. All this helps keep your skin radiant, soft, strong, and youthful-looking.


There’s also one other sleep-skin issue to be aware of, and that’s cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that’s a vital part of your body’s natural stress response. Too much of it, however, – which happens when you’re particularly stressed or don’t get enough sleep – increases sebum production (hello blocked pores), breaks down collagen (ditto premature aging), encourages inflammation, and serves up a whole host of issues including redness, irritation, dryness, and sensitivities. Cortisol is proof that if you don’t hit the sack and get your essential shut-eye your skin will really suffer.



3 Ways To Up Your Sleep Game


Finally, convinced that beauty sleep is exactly that? Then, it’s time to improve your sleep routine. Here’s how…


  1. Get Into A Groove


According to the National Sleep Foundation, most adults require somewhere between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. But if the words ‘if only’ spring to mind, don’t freak out because you’re not alone and it’s not an exact science you must stick with to the absolute letter. The main thing is to try to go to bed at roughly the same time each night so your body gets into its rhythm. This also goes for waking up. A consistent sleep schedule makes it much easier to fall asleep and wake up refreshed.


  1. Go For Quality As Well As Quantity


Good sleep is way better than long, interrupted, kinda cruddy sleep, so make sure you’re knocking the quality of your zzzs right out of the park with these simple must-dos...


  •   Invest in a good mattress.
  •   Make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet, and cool.
  •   Relax before you hit the sack with a book or a warm bath.
  •   Avoid using your phone or laptop for at least an hour before bed.
  •   Have your last caffeine fix by 3 or 4 pm at the latest.


  1. Nail A Night Time Skincare Regime


Looking after your skin before bed is vital if you want your skin to successfully regenerate and repair itself overnight. And the good news: this doesn’t mean you need to spend hours on your bedtime regime – a few minutes is all you need to cleanse, treat and moisturize your skin.

First, ensure you remove all the makeup, oil, sweat, and dirt that’s built up throughout the day by cleansing thoroughly with Nutrient Seaweed Wash. Massage it all over your face and neck for a few minutes, then rinse with warm (never hot) water and gently pat dry with a clean towel. Next, apply Whole Repair Serum while your skin is still damp to lock in moisture and boost your skin’s natural repair system.


It really is that simple.

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