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Yeva means “life to live” or "life-enhancing".

Our brand name means pure-life-to-live and symbolizes one of our core values: choosing with the intention to live in the NOW moment. Being aware of the small details and the simple things in life is the key to our magnificent journey on Mother Earth.

Meet Kevin!

For 24 years, Kevin worked with abandoned, abused and neglected children of Clark County of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Creator & Founder of pure•yeva

Instagram @Kevy.ktt


As retirement approached, Kevin set his sights on the Caribbean to call home. And the contrasts of the Dominican Republic  remained vivid in Kevin’s  mind from past vacations - the peaks and valleys, lush green foliage and bright white sands.

It was during this time that Kevin became aware of the contrasts among the ways in which women from these regions dealt with discomfort and stress from their menstrual cycle. In the Dominican Republic, women were using home remedies such as drink concoctions, warm compresses and, often, sheer determination to make their way through the pain. This was in sharp contrast to the USA where over-the-counter medications are often the go-to.

Kevin’s belief that to live your best life through health and happiness you must avoid things that do not serve this purpose. With that, an idea started taking shape to create a natural and essential oil blend that served as an alternative to over-the-counter medications.


commenced to study and research natural and harmonious ingredients to be included in a blend.

The next steps were to find a manufacturer to help Kevin formulate a perfect blend of blissful aromas to invigorate the mind and spirit while simultaneously easing discomfort. He turned to a real champion of natural science, located in Oregon, USA and teamed up with creative women along the way to develop an empathetic brand that speaks to women. After two years of handing out samples and receiving feedback that women were also using the oil for multiple purposes and experiencing multiple benefits, 7 drops multitasking body oil was born.

Kevin and his small team of creatives are now on an adventure to make pure•yeva a truly whole-istic self-care & lifestyle brand, that goes beyond the products or ingredients when reaching & nourishing its loves.

we are grounded in these Yeva values

as we believe good things happen when you intentionally make decisions to co-create your life →→→

be present

choose to live in the NOW

be grateful

choose to practice GRATITUDE every single day

slow down

choose to intentionally take time to PAUSE, REST and RESET

be the goodness

choose to unconditionally practice doing GOOD

accept your nature

choose to embrace the GIFTS of aging

keep moving

choose to MOVE your body every day, with intention and love

cultivate nourishment

choose to nourish yourself INSIDE and OUT, to balance the mind, body and spirit

our flagship product


☔️ Stand up to PMS! The one and only 7 in 1 multitaskin' botanical self care oil blend. 😌 My favorite essential oil ever!

Lily Mateo
happy pureyeva customer

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